What We Do

Simply put, we create digital exhibit interactives and integrate technology into museum spaces. All of our interactives are custom designed with your outcome in mind and are graphically rich. That includes images, user interface (UI) elements, video, 2D and 3D animations, sound and music. We integrate this multimedia content with hardware and user friendly, engaging user input methods such as hands-free and multi-touch interactivity!

Interactive exhibits and touch screen kiosks are ideal for any environment:

  • Educational learning kiosks
  • Exhibit gallery digital kiosk stations
  • Touch screen interactive exhibits
  • Wayfinder applications and interactive gallery maps
  • Guestbooks and exit surveys
  • Digital signage and promotional screens
  • Historical databases for artifacts and people
  • Bluetooth beacon tours and apps
  • Interactive video projections and kiosks
  • Kids trails and tablet tours
  • ...and more!
Interactive ROV Pilot Simulator Children engage with a 3-D glasses-free interactive exhibit

Explore our Services

Touchscreen Kiosks

We differentiate ourselves by creating an engaging custom application to meet your desired outcomes. Our software can be written for single and multi-touch touchscreen kiosk hardware. We will provide graphic design, hardware, programming and content development.

Interactive Exhibits

There are times when an exhibit calls for more than a touch screen. We will "interactivate" your gallery space using non-traditional and traditional user input like joysticks, sensors, spinning wheels, push buttons, RFID tags and readers, mobile devices and more!

Technology Integration

In addition to our software capabilities, we can specify, purchase and install the right hardware for the right interactive exhibit. Some technology examples include touchscreens, computers, digital players, pushbuttons, mobile devices, tablets, motion sensors, networking, transducers, projectors, DMX lighting control, speakers and bluetooth beacons.