Who Are We? We Are Digital Technology Providers

Digital Design Services, Inc. is a team of experts in creating digital exhibits. We are technology exhibit innovators based in the Midwest United States. We have highly successful client projects all over the United States. No project is too small. We like to help smaller museums be able to install modern tech to enhance and upgrade their exhibit galleries. Many of the larger museums across the country have their own technology departments that can provide these services. Think of us as your outsourced digital exhibit team! Every project is created with love and excitement for learning the next "thing". We often say we gain a college education with every digital kiosk we build and program. Education is one of our passions. Let us help you share that knowledge with a widening, tech-saavy audience.


At DIGITAL we specialize in technology and digital interactives:

  • Interactive digital applications and exhibits
  • Custom touchscreen kiosk stands (wood, MDF, metal)
  • Custom digital exhibit software and deployment
  • In support of your digital exhibit project we can provide content development services including:
    • 4K Video production & filming
    • 2D and 3D modeling and animation
    • Graphic design, including user interfaces (UI/UX)
    • Content development, copywriting & research
    • Hardware design, recommendation and installation
    • Consulting and concept design
    • Technology integration planning
    • Mobile device application store submissions
    • 4K aerial drone filming
    • Solutions for ADA compliance (captions, accessibility)
    • Consultation and supporting imagery for grant-writing
    • Complete after-sales technical support and training
    • We warranty our software for the lifetime of the exhibit!


Interactive exhibits for museums Left: Touchscreen kiosk, Top: Dual dynamic ticker screens,
Right: Transparent LCD video display box

Why Choose Digital Design Services?

We use cutting-edge technologies

Our team of professionals is constantly in search of new, promising technology, which will make your interactives and digital exhibits better and highly engaging.

We value your time

We know how important it is for you to maintain your schedule, that's why we do everything to fit it. Our team works on your project in multiple threads.

We provide insight and ideas

Our team is ready and able to help you with any projects you have big or small. Have an idea you want to bounce off someone? Give us a call!

We have over 20 years experience

Established in 2000, we have successfully deployed hundreds of touchscreens and digital applications. Our software library is vast and we likely have created a solution to fit your needs!

We play well with others

We know that we cannot do everything but we can team up with valued vendors and exhibit fabricators or designers to work together to deliver the customer's vision.